Sugaring vs Waxing

Sugar paste is made from sugar, water, and lemons. The paste looks like honey and is molded onto the skin in the opposite direction the hair grows. When removing the sugar paste, it is flicked off in the direction the hair grows. This method leads to less ingrown hairs and less pain because the hair is extracted in the direction the hair naturally grows. The sugar is able to seep down into the hair follicle, grabbing the hair from inside. This method only removes dead skin cell and hair.

Warm and Cold

There are two types of sugar paste: warm and cold. Warm sugar paste is warmed in a warmer, not exceeding body temperature. This method is used by most sugar professionals. This allows the sugar to spread quicker. The cold method is when the sugar is not warmed. It starts off room temperature and when its worked onto the skin it warms up to body temperature. Both methods are as equally as effective, it is chosen based on preference of the service provider.


Wax is made of petroleum and resins. A wax warmer must be used. There are two types of wax :soft and hard. The soft wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth, a wax strip (usually muslin or another type of cloth) is applied on top and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. A thin layer of skin is usually removed with this method. Hard wax is applied in both directions and sits for a few moments to allow the wax to harden. Once it has set, the wax is removed.

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